Actuaries from New York City have no answer for the most improbable set of statistics that have been recently occurring—lightning strikes have been increasing while lightning losses have been declining. The phenomenon is so bewildering that an international group of actuaries from Toronto, South Florida, and the Carolinas joined their New York colleagues to study and explain the situation. All are amazed and bewildered at what almost seems impossible. The crazy thing is that this recent aberration seems to happen at the same time every year and is most prevalent in Tampa, Florida.

Those same actuaries noted the good news for our Colorado friends stricken by wildfire losses. The number of Colorado avalanche losses dramatically decreased over the past year. They warn, however, that the increased lightning strikes come with thunder which can cause a significant spike in avalanche losses.

Despite the reduced losses, underwriters are still increasing prices for lightning and avalanche perils. Unfortunately, some things in life never seem to change.

Thought For The Day

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