Dave Young of ClaimWizard has a not-so-secret weapon for helping public adjuster clients — his wife, Lynette Young. The message I liked the best from Lynnette regarding the upcoming Public Adjuster Business Building Conference is “who it is not for” and three particular types:

It is NOT for…

People that have no intention of making radical changes to their firm’s operational framework

Anyone afraid of change and hard work

People that don’t recognize that being a good Public Adjuster is NOT the same as being a great Public Adjusting Company

Running a great public adjusting business is not easy work. If you wanted to ask a question from somebody about your public adjusting business, you could go to an owner competitor who might have an excellent idea about that owner’s business.

But why not go to somebody that has seen hundreds of incremental successes and mistakes other public adjusters have made running their business? That is who Lynette Young is. And that is just one reason why I think the opportunity to be with her next week is something I wish all public adjusters would do.

There are still a few seats left. Here is the link:

https://publicadjusterconference.com/ (use code MLGVIP)