The Windstorm Insurance Network is a unique insurance claims organization because it insists on providing competing insurer and policyholder positions regarding claims issues. Long ago, in 2008, I discussed the history and philosophy of the Windstorm Insurance Network in The 2009 Windstorm Insurance Conference:

The Windstorm Insurance Conference was founded nearly a decade ago by insurance defense attorney, Janet Brown. Her law firm biography does not do her justice. She has been nationally recognized as one of the top insurance company litigators for some time. Janet and I have battled in Court over just about everything. She is competent, creative, professional, and a person who quietly knows the weak points of any argument.

Fortunately, she had the brilliant idea to start a Windstorm Insurance Network whose membership was inclusive of all trades and professions dealing with windstorm claim issues. There is not another group or association like it in the insurance business. Most insurance groups, seminars, and conferences are exclusive of others.

The Insurance Windstorm Network is hosting a Western States Case Law Review on September 14th with an expert from the policyholder’s viewpoint and another from the insurer’s view. Larry Bache has been actively working in Western state insurance disputes and will be presenting from the policyholder viewpoint. Here is a link to one case where a Colorado client walked into our Denver office seeking $20 thousand and ended up with over $1 million after Larry Bache and Jon Bukowski agreed to help.

This balanced educational case law review features a very experienced partner from the Mound Cotton Wollan & Greengrass firm, Sanjit Shah. Sanjit is a dogged adversary, and his practical, no-nonsense analysis is found in an article, Up In Smoke: Considerations For Property Insurers As More States Legalize Marijuana, where he concluded:

To avoid the uncertainty created by the conflict between state laws on marijuana use and federal law and policy, insurers should consider including in policies sold in states that permit marijuana use a clause providing that marijuana plants and growing equipment would be covered consistent with the public policy expressed by the state. Such a provision would not conflict with federal public policy in the absence of any law prohibiting insurance coverage for such property, and would enhance the salability of the insurance policy. It would also allow the insurer to deny coverage for the loss of property relating to the recreational use of marijuana in a state in which only medical use is permitted.

The price for this educational conference can’t be beat. The speakers are experts. The link to attend is here.

Thought For The Day

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—Liz Truss