Tuesday at 2 featured Thibodaux, Louisiana, attorney and Hurricane Ida survivor Beau Brooks. Beau grew up in Thibodaux and recounted his experiences during the hurricane and the slow response by his insurance company.

Beau Brooks also mentioned that the local courts smartly made Standing Orders regarding case management of property insurance disputes and discovery, hoping to swiftly move the hurricane litigation along so the community can recover. Parties will be required to make immediate disclosures of estimates and damage within 45 days of suit so that settlement conferences can take place.

These Orders are very similar to the initial case management protocols worked on by Merlin Law Group attorney Rene Sigman as noted in:




From the policyholder’s perspective, these Orders help move along the litigation, so more settlements take place in a quicker amount of time.

There are three local Orders in place.1 I hope readers of this blog will take a little time to see what Beau Brooks has to say about Hurricane Ida and the type of claims service he is finding after the storm.

Thought For The Day

Swift justice demands more than just swiftness.
—Potter Stewart
1 Case Management Order Regarding Certain Property Damage Suits Arising From Hurricane Ida; Interim Protective Order; Standing Order Regarding Initial Discovery Protocols in Certain Property Damage Suits Arising From Hurricane Ida.