Insurance fraud is always wrong. It is especially wrong when the insurance company is defrauding its own customer. The American Policyholder Association (APA) has taken a bold step by hiring experienced insurance fraud investigators to review and investigate actions by insurance companies that are wrongful and fraudulent.

Policyholders, contractors, attorneys, public adjusters, and those working within the insurance company who have information about wrongful insurance claims conduct that may be fraudulent should go to the APA website and report the wrongful conduct.

The annual APA membership summit introduced the fraud investigators. I was very impressed because they had each worked for law enforcement specializing in insurance fraud cases. Now, they will be using that same expertise to help investigate and uncover insurance company conduct. But they can only do so if people will report the wrongful actions.

What are some common examples of insurance company fraud? Have you ever had an insurance adjuster change another person’s estimate without disclosing it and making it seem like the estimate provided was that by the estimator? This happens all the time, and it is fraudulent. Have insurance company consultants and experts told you one thing only to change their findings to appease their insurance clients? That is fraud. Have insurance companies intentionally withheld information to pay less on a claim? That is criminal fraud by definition in many states.

These professionals are like SIU investigators for policyholders. But they will only be successful if people act as whistleblowers and report the wrongful conduct.

So, please let others in the industry know that there is something you can do to stop this plague against insurance customers. Share the link and encourage people to stop complaining and start taking action to stop the wrongful conduct.

Doug Quinn and the APA are putting money behind this effort to make the investigations much more professional and to help stop these wrongful actions. However, it takes people to take an important step and follow up by reporting the activity. So, please help and do not just whine about what insurers are doing.

Here is the link.

Thought For The Day

The first and worst of all frauds is to cheat oneself.
—Gamaliel Bailey