The end is near! It truly is when it comes to Hurricane Irma insurance claims. The three-year notice to submit all claims is coming due very shortly. In a little more than a month, the deadline will pass. So, why not have a top-notch seminar to learn all about what to do and not to do regarding Hurricane Irma claims and earn four continuing education requirements at the same time?

Here is the outline for this not to be missed stellar insurance seminar which will be overseen by yours truly:

1. The Three Year All Claims Notice Requirement
A. Florida Stat. 627.70132
B. What is Late Notice?
C. How does prejudice play into late notice?
E. Practical steps to overcome late notice objections
F. The role of experts you should hire
G. Video and photographic notice
F. Investigation for “hidden” damage

2. Hurricane Irma Damage To Roofs
A. What to look for proving damage to tile roofs
B. Repair vs Replacement
C. 25% Rule
D. Ordinance & Law issues and deadlines
E. Matching
F. Harvesting tile roofs
G. Wear & Tear vs Hurricane Irma damage
H. How To Check Under The Roof and In The Attic

3. Appraisal: Practical Aspects About Protecting Hurricane Irma Awards
A. The Possible Impact of The Notice Requirement of Appraisal
B. Law & Ordinance issues
C. Additional Living Expense issues
D. Ensuring Condition Precedent compliance
E. Avoiding Cooperation and Fraud Allegations
F. Who can be your appraiser?
G. How can an appraiser be paid?

4. Ethical Considerations For Adjusting Hurricane Irma Claims Three Years Post Storm
A. Proper Hurricane Irma contract issues regarding fees and costs
B. Investigative requirements for supplemental claims
C. Do you have enough time to properly do your job?
D. Tools of The Trade You Need To Fulfill Ethical Requirements
E. Avoiding unethical practice of law allegations
F. Review of Florida regulatory requirements—are you checking the entire list?

This is a special seminar for licensed Florida public adjusters only. Do you remember this post:

In the post I noted:

Why should I go to Chip Merlin’s…public adjuster seminar…? A number of public adjusters understandably have asked this question, but an insurance company adjuster who publicly criticized me has placed the value of my advice at $10,000!! If you are a public adjuster, do not miss this valuable seminar; sign up while seats last at the bargain price of a $100 donation to United Policyholders.

According to Kevin Hromas, I am the most valuable educator of first party property insurance claims in the world. Hromas is an insurance company appraiser and adjuster…..We noticed that he signed up for a public adjuster seminar we are hosting in Las Vegas. Why would an insurance company representative come to our seminar?

So, do not try to sign up for this seminar if you are an insurance company spy, insurance company attorney trying to keep people from collecting what they are entitled to, an independent adjuster, a company claims adjuster or an insurance company anybody. I respect your job and your role in the claims process, but this seminar is not for you. If it was for you, I would charge a lot more money. I am giving my $10,000 worth of advice to public adjusters and for the price of a donation to Amy Bach’s United Policyholders.

Here is the link to sign up.

What happens if you do not want to miss this and if you are not a licensed Florida public adjuster, but “on the side of angels and goodness?” Text me and call me at 8136958733. I can always make exceptions.

For Florida public adjusters, where else are you going to get four credits for continuing education at this level and only pay a donation of $25 to the greatest non-profit policyholder organization in the United States—United Policyholders? That is $6.25 per credit hour!

Change your schedule, mark it down, and do not miss this unique opportunity. We even have requested one hour count towards ethics! Register now.

If you still are not convinced, I will be discussing these seminar topics at my Friday at 2 With Chip. I speak about big events, new insurance trends and topics for about 15 minutes each Friday. We will highlight this seminar, then the “Badger Traps” and a new FC&S Bulletin about hail claims and dates of loss which just was published. Here is the link for this event at 2 PM EST today.

Thought For The Day

The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.
—Martin Luther King, Jr.