The deadline to file a lawsuit and preserve legal rights from Hurricane Ida is August 29. Legal rights will be lost if a claim is not in a lawsuit by that date.

I warned about this in The End Is Near For Louisiana Hurricane Ida Victims:

The deadline to file a lawsuit for Hurricane Ida damage is quickly approaching in Louisiana. The deadline is August 29, 2023—two months from now.

If you are a policyholder, public adjuster representing a policyholder, or a contractor waiting for the policyholder to get paid by the insurance company for Hurricane Ida damage, the end is near. You need to hire competent and trusted lawyers to help.

I remember that so many people waited until the last minute to file after Hurricane Katrina that the lines for filing lawsuits ran outside the courthouse in New Orleans. While times have changed and internet filing makes this much less complicated, now is the time to obtain counsel and get the case properly prepared for a lawsuit.

If the Hurricane Ida claim is not settled or insurance money not received, I strongly urge going to an attorney and getting a lawsuit filed immediately. A pending appraisal does not extend the time to file a lawsuit. Extracontractual rights will be lost if a lawsuit is not filed.

The end is now to have time to get a lawsuit filed from Hurricane Ida. Our Merlin Law Group Louisiana-based attorneys held a webinar about this several weeks ago. Please do not let this deadline pass.