The Governor of Puerto Rico decreed a “Closure Order” or lockdown beginning on March 16, 2020, as a preventive measure to avoid contagions by the coronavirus. Many businesses and public/private companies, with the exception of those already indicated by the Governor, will be affected.

However, some insurance companies and law firms continue to work remotely on insurance claims that have been filed. Once the closing period ends and hearings can be resumed in the Courts of Puerto Rico, the litigation procedures related to the claims for damages caused by Hurricane Maria will continue to be fully followed.

On the other hand, through online services or emails, you can contact your insurer and start your claim for any earthquake damages. Likewise, if you are a business owner affected by the earthquakes or the latest lockdown order due to the coronavirus pandemic, and your insurance policy includes coverage due to business interruption you should contact your insurer for the proper guidance regarding your coverage under business interruption.

The purpose of business interruption coverage is to compensate you for losses due to the inability to continue the normal course of operations and functions of your insured business. It is important to clarify that you should always review your policy and its exclusion clauses, since your right to claim will depend on the application of said coverage.

At this time, it is important to remain calm, and comply with the government orders issued regarding closure and prevention of contagion of the coronavirus. Regarding your claims, it is very important that you review your policy and that you contact your insurers either by phone or email.