The mission of the Nevada Division of Insurance (“NDI”) is to “protect the rights of Nevada consumers in their experiences with the insurance industry.”1 Its Consumer Services Section responds to approximately 25,000 consumer inquiries every year and has recovered millions of dollars for Nevada policyholders.2 One of the core functions of the NDI’s Consumer Services Section is to investigate consumer complaints about insurance companies, agents, and adjusters. If your claim has been delayed, wrongly denied, deliberately underpaid, or otherwise improperly managed, you can file a complaint with NID requesting an investigation.

To file a complaint, visit the Division’s website and select “File a Complaint” under the “Consumers” tab. To file a complaint online, you must create a Consumer Portal account by providing a valid home and e-mail address, your name and contact information, and creating a password. You can also print out a complaint form and mail it to the NID office nearest to you at 1818 E. College Parkway #103, Carson City, NV or 3300 W. Sahara Ave., Suite 275, Las Vegas, NV.

The complaint form requests your contact information, the name of the insurance company, agency, or agent involved, and the applicable policy or claim number. It then asks for the reason for your complaint (e.g., claim denial, misrepresentation, or an unsatisfactory settlement) with a brief explanation. The form also requests that you describe your desired resolution so the NDI can determine how best to help you. You can ask that the NDI keep records related to your complaint confidential by initialing a specified box on the form. If you initial this box, the Division cannot forward any documents you provide, including your complaint, to the involved insurance company, which can slow down the resolution process. Documents from a complaint will become part of the public record unless you specifically request that they be kept confidential.

After receiving your complaint, the NDI will send you an acknowledgement letter and reach out to your insurance company requesting an explanation. The insurance company then has 28 days to respond with its side of the story. Once the NDI receives its response, a Division Officer will review all the available information to determine if Nevada law has been violated. If so, the department has the power to impose sanctions or disciplinary action against the offending company or agent. If not, the Division Officer can still answer your questions and discuss other resources available to you.

The NDI cannot provide legal advice, act as your attorney, or order an insurance company to pay you. Its main job is to investigate, answer your questions, and enforce state insurance laws. Because its authority is limited, the Division recommends you first try to resolve any problems with your insurance company or agent. If you have questions about the complaint process or want to know if the Nevada Division of Insurance can help you, you can call the Carson City office at (775) 259-0700; the Las Vegas office at or (702) 486-4009; or toll-free at (888) 872-3234.

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