The Iowa Insurance Division (IID) “supervises all insurance business transacted in the state of Iowa.”1 It does this by investigating consumer complaints against insurance companies, agents, and adjusters to ensure compliance with Indiana state law been delayed, wrongly denied, deliberately underpaid, or otherwise improperly managed, you can file a complaint with IID requesting an investigation into the matter.

To file a complaint, visit the Department’s website and select “File a Complaint” under the “Consumers” tab. You can submit a complaint online or download a printable form to mail to IID at 1963 Bell Avenue, Suite 100, Des Moines, Iowa 50315.

The complaint requests your contact information, the name of the insurance company, agency, or agent involved, and the applicable policy or claim number. It then asks for the reason for your complaint (i.e., claim delay, agent handling, or an unsatisfactory offer.) After you select a reason from the provided list, you have room to describe the details of your complaint fully. This is where you can tell the Department what the issue is, why you think it should investigate, and what you would like your insurance company to do to resolve the problem.

Within two weeks of filing your complaint, the Division will send you a letter acknowledging it and outlining the rest of the complaint process. An investigator will forward your submitted complaint to the applicable insurance company, adjuster, or agent. The company is required by law to provide an explanation of its position or practices. After the investigator receives the company’s response, she reviews it to determine if there has been a violation of state laws, regulations, or your specific policy. The representative then reaches out to you with an explanation of his determination and to discuss possible solutions. The entire process takes from forty-five to sixty days.

The IID cannot provide legal advice, act as your attorney, or order an insurance company to pay you. Its main job is to investigate, answer your questions, and enforce state insurance laws. If you have questions about the complaint process or want to know if the IID Insurance Department can help you, you can call (515) 654-6600.

Navigating your insurance claim or policy can be frustrating and confusing. IID is there to answer your questions, advocate for your rights, and ensure that insurance companies are following the rules. If you have other questions or concerns about your insurance claim, please do not hesitate to contact Merlin Law Group for a free case evaluation.

(Note: This guest blog is by Liberty Ritchie, a Licensed Legal Intern in our Oklahoma City office)
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