The next Tuesdays at 2 With Chip Merlin will discuss the topic of umpire selection during a property insurance claim appraisal. This appraisal topic came about from questions written to us following last week’s discussion.

Questions are important to a discussion. This weekly “discussion” only happens because of questions posed by viewers. There were a number of questions posed by our viewers for consideration:

  • What are the types of exposures high rise condo associations have if neighbors end up contacting COVID-19?
  • Is it legal for the consumer’s contractor to pay all or part of an appraiser’s/umpire’s fees?
  • What are your thoughts on AAA umpires being appointed by Farmers?
  • Could you please discuss how State Farm globally is denying to even accept going to Appraisal in the 1st Place?
  • Do you have any real stories of “bad” umpires being held accountable for biased behavior?
  • What are public adjusters and contractors going to do about biased Attorney Steve Badger?
  • What should happen when both appraisers meet on site to appraise the loss?
  • Can you talk on properly vetting umpires?
  • Why is It good for a PA to hire an “outside” 3rd eye as the appraiser?
  • What’re good practices during the actual on site appraisal meeting?

These are great questions. I do note that insurance defense attorney Steve Badger still appears to be public enemy number one in the minds of many.

The selection of an umpire is very important. This question gets a gold star because every single appraisal must include this discussion: “Who is going to be the umpire?” So, that single issue will be the topic for our live discussion 2 PM EST tomorrow, at

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