My son turned one earlier this month and just recently started to walk. For the parents out there, watching your child take his or her first steps is pretty special. That said, we all know that little toddlers, as cute as they may be, can cause damage around the house. There are just so many things one can child proof, right?

In my blog last week I discussed the importance of keeping a copy of your homeowners insurance policy handy. This week, equally important, my advice to homeowners is to know and understand the limits of personal property coverage. Most policies cover accidental damage to various household items and things of value. Certain items have specific coverage limits which are spelled out in the policy. You will find this under "Coverage C." If you are reviewing the special limits that apply to certain types of personal property and determine that they are insufficient, then you might want to consider getting additional coverage. Usually, this is called "Scheduled Personal Property Coverage." With scheduled coverage, you can increase the coverage limits for specific things like computer equipment, art work, collectibles and so forth. You will of course have to decide whether the additional premium payment can be justified.

Here is a photo of me and my son Matthew who was my inspiration for this blog post. He likes to open drawers, smack the TV and get into other mischief.

Kenneth Kan and his son