From April to June, 2013, the state of Oklahoma was slammed with continuous severe weather, including multiple hails storms and horrific tornadoes. Roofs were destroyed, cars totaled, and many people had to relocate. After the storm, these policyholders contacted their insurance companies for help.

I spent last week meeting many of these policyholders. In my discussions with them, they were scared and didn’t know what to expect; however, they believed their insurance companies would sweep in and return order amongst the chaos. They wanted a “good neighbor” or to be “in good hands.” Unfortunately, the carriers did not satisfy their end of the bargain as evidenced by tarps, mismatched shingles, and interior water damage present nearly one year later.

Cal Spoon of is a dedicated public adjuster. He has spent the last year in homes and businesses of honest, hard working people from Davis, Norman, and Moore, Oklahoma. These fine people deserve the benefit of the contract they bargained for – a proper adjustment and prompt payment of their claims. Cal Spoon is the type of public adjuster that enjoys helping policyholders regardless of the size of their loss.

However, if insurers unfairly delay or deny claims, Oklahoma law allows policyholders to seek additional damages for a carrier’s deceptive trade practices and failure to treat their policyholders in good faith. This is exactly what we plan to do.

Merlin Law Group is partnering with Drew Houghton, a bad faith lawyer out of Oklahoma City, with Foshee & Yaffe, Attorneys at Law. Drew has been representing Oklahoma policyholders for over a decade. We are also investigating any potential mass litigation and class action lawsuits against these carriers. During meetings with our clients, we noticed an interesting trend: Certain carriers were refusing to provide coverage for lower costing items; likely with the expectation that an attorney would not take a small case and expend the time and effort necessary to fight the good fight.

These carriers are mistaken. My colleague, Phillip Sanov, specializes in these types of actions, and all viable options will be pursued.

Over the next year, we look forward to helping these policyholders rebuild their lives. Stay tuned, as decisions are rendered, I will post with updates.