Hail damage claim disputes and lawsuits are the rage in Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Arizona, and Missouri. Many insurance companies have developed operational claims responses for the purpose of controlling their severity of loss. For many insurers, HAAG is the “go to” preferred expert vendor providing various services.

I have previously noted that Insurance Company Experts Are Often Biased And Outcome Oriented. In a post, When Insurers Hide Behind their Experts in Texas, we noted a Texas case where HAAG was alleged to have been a biased vendor for the insurance industry. Large forensic engineering companies have business salespeople selling testimony and services to insurers. They cannot afford to get blacklisted by their insurer clients who have claims goals and programs designed to pay less.

The result is policyholders suffering from a hailstorm are often getting the frustration of fighting adjusters and insurance company lawyers as they get caught up in the claims industry’s goal to reduce hail damage payments. My recent post, Are Insurers Roofing Allowances for Roof Vents Injuring and Killing People? noted the dangers some of these practices are causing.

In the past, I have had few cases against The Travelers. When I went to the data banks of the Bad Faith Litigation Group’s index regarding Travelers, I noticed a dearth of information. So, we have started working on collecting information regarding the claims practices of The Travelers because I have an active hail damage case against them. You would think any company with completely ethical claims practices would simply share that information with their customers, because an honest and ethical company could withstand such scrutiny and would want to advertise it. You can guess why I have to seek a little help from my friends.

Any policyholder, roofer, public adjuster, or policyholder having trouble with a property insurance claim involving HAAG or The Travelers is invited and encouraged to contact yours truly or Shane Smith. We all need and can benefit from sharing and helping one another.

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