A number of policyholder attorneys have asked me why FIGA is being so difficult lately. At one time, it was not that way. There has obviously been a change of the guard because nobody should expect quick resolution of any claim from FIGA based on recent complaints and the developing case law helps demonstrate this point.

In Florida Guaranty Association, Inc. v. The Olympus Association, Inc., 34 So. 3d 791 (Fla. 4th DCA 2010), FIGA successfully argued to have a challenge to coverage following an appraisal award. Insurance coverage attorneys should read the case in its entirety because it is important. For everybody else, the holding is significant:

…we conclude that the trial court erred by entering final judgment in favor of Olympus and awarding it the amount set forth in the appraisal (less the deductibles), without first deciding the issue of coverage liability. When FIGA filed its affirmative defenses in response to Olympus’s complaint, the trial court should have first decided FIGA’s liability. As explained in Kennedy and supported by Fisher, FIGA could contest part of the liability without challenging coverage as a whole. The appraisal award itself indicated the amount could change as the award was made without consideration of the policy’s provisions of coverage.

Accordingly, we reverse and remand for the trial court to determine FIGA’s liability with regard to the contested claims, and then enter the appropriate amount based on the appraisal.

Appraisal used to be a quick and inexpensive method of resolving claims. FIGA now uses it as a first step before litigation begins in earnest to prevent, or slow, payment. Unlike other insurers that have to act in good faith, FIGA has no penalty for contesting claims. It can do so with impunity. And, based upon the number of inquiries from others, it is taking advantage of the law and doing so.

The Florida Legislature and the Office of Insurance Regulation need to address the issue of who is investigating the claims process at FIGA and how its claims operations are run. These are the same complaints that were being made about Citizens Property Insurance in the past which lead to claims reform at Citizens. It is bad enough that policyholders have their insurer go broke and have to wait for payment. They do not expect a claims catastrophe which they can do little about.