As I mentioned in yesterday’s afternoon blog, FEMA issued a signed memorandum authorizing an additional 60 day extension for Ike and Gustav victims to submit a proof of loss. Now a policyholder has a total of 330 days from the date the damage was incurred to file. The memorandum notes that FEMA will be closely monitoring the extension to determine whether additional extensions are warranted. This 60 day reprieve may be your last chance to file a proof of loss and recover the insurance proceeds you are owed. Failing to timely and properly file a flood proof of loss is a bar to recovery of the claim.

To calculate your proof of loss filing deadline, count 330 days from your date of loss. For example:

  • A September 11, 2008, Ike-related loss must have a proof of loss submitted by August 7, 2009.
  • An August 28, 2008, Gustav-related loss must have a proof of loss submitted by July 23, 2009.

Policyholders should also keep in mind that:

  • Federal flood proofs of loss must be delivered, not mailed (i.e., get it received and in the hands of the company listed on the policy by the deadline. Do not just send it to the adjuster on the deadline day); and
  • The proof of loss should be submitted on the standard form utilized by FEMA, and it must be completely filled out.

You can read the June 3, 2009, extension letter here.