Tina Nicholson received word that the Federal Flood Deadline for Hurricane Ike Claims has been extended 60 days from the impending deadline next Monday. As I indicated in a post last week, oral promises mean nothing in National Flood claims. So, I instructed Ruck DeMinico, of our firm, to call the one person I know well enough in the National Flood program to get the story–Russ Tinsley.

This is what Ruck reported to me:

"I spoke to Russ Tinsley, and he confirmed that the deadline is being extended by 60 days. The letter has not yet been signed; however, he was in a meeting this morning where they were discussing the deadline and that it was being extended. The letter will be up on the Bulletin site once the letter is signed by Edward Connor [Acting Federal Insurance Administrator], but that may be a day or two.‬‪"

There you have it. For me, my paralegal filed three more proofs of loss today. I trust Russ Tinsley. I have litigated cases against him, but still have a deep respect for his views. Still, until I see that signed letter, Edward Connor could change his mind and then what would we do?

I wish that the FEMA web site worked faster, however FEMA is to be congratulated for extending the deadline.

Many policyholders believed they had to accept the amount estimated by the National Flood adjuster. This common assumption is simply wrong. Flood policyholders should get their own estimates of flood damage and submit those with a properly filled out proof of loss if they disagree with the National Flood adjuster’s estimate.