On March 28, 2017, the Assistant Administrator for Federal Insurance, Federal Insurance and Mitigation Administration, issued a memorandum to Write Your Own (WYO) Company Principal Coordinators, NFIP Direct, and Independent Adjusters, titled “WYO Company Acceptance of Electronic Signatures” (W-17008).

It provides, in part:

To further improve the insured survivor experience and to reduce administrative burden, FEMA is approving and encouraging the use of electronic signatures on proofs of loss and other NFIP-related submissions. FEMA will not deny the legal effect, validity, or enforceability of a signature solely because it is in electronic form. (footnote omitted). WYO Companies should accept electronic signatures in accordance with their general business practices and applicable laws.

[Emphasis added].

While FEMA is approving electronic signatures and not requiring “original” signatures on proofs of loss and other NFIP-related submissions, the bulletin is still unclear regarding whether the WYO Company will accept a proof of loss signed electronically (with all required supporting documentation) via email or whether a policyholder is still required to mail the proof of loss to the WYO Company for receipt by the proof of loss deadline.