Wildfire insurance claims are raging in Texas. The Texas Association of Public Insurance Adjusters will talk about wildfire claims at its Fall Conference in Dallas on November 16 and 17. The speaker presenting this topic promises that the discussion will be practical, guaranteed not to put you to sleep, and worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in excess of the price of admission.

The TAPIA Board of Directors has done an extraordinary job of keeping the price of admission affordable so everybody can attend. Since admission is only $95, every public adjuster involved in a fire insurance claim should attend for practical tips and advice. The presentation will demonstrate the subtle aspects of fire damage that are often overlooked by insurance adjusters and result in significant underpayments to policyholders. Heck, if insurers want to make certain they are accurately and thoroughly adjusting claims, they should call TAPIA and get a special session and rate for their adjusters.

Public adjusters play an important role in protecting insurance consumers in Texas. Attorneys from Merlin Law Group are proud to host a cocktail reception on November 16 at 6:30. I hope all public adjusters who can attend, will. The practice of public adjusting involves the public trust. These educational events are important aspects of the right to practice public adjusting and fulfilling the profession’s obligation to the policyholders we serve.

The Conference will be at the Hilton Dallas Lincoln Centre.