The Tampa Bay Times and other news media reported on an apparent message by former President Donald Trump, which states the following:

In addition to wanting to cut Social Security (and raise the minimum age to at least 70) & MediCare, RINO Ron DeSanctimonious is delivering the biggest insurance company BAILOUT to Globalist Insurance Companies, IN HISTORY. He’s also crushed Florida homeowners whose houses were destroyed in the Hurricane – They’re getting pennies on the dollar. His Insurance Commissioner does NOTHING, while Florida’s lives are ruined. This is the worst Insurance Scam in the entire Country!

The Tampa Bay Times, in its story: Trump blasts DeSantis for insurance company ‘bailout’ legislation, reported the following:

Former President Donald Trump blasted Gov. Ron DeSantis for wanting to give insurance companies widespread protections from l lawsuits, calling it ‘the worst Insurance Scam in the entire Country!’

DeSantis has supported House Bill 837, one of the priorities of House Speaker Paul Renner, R-Palm Coast, and the companion Senate Bill 236. That legislation would make it harder for Floridians to sue their insurance companies. The bills are being fast-tracked through the Legislature this year.

Trump also appeared to criticize DeSantis’ insurance commissioners, who approve rate increases. Former Commissioner David Altmaier stepped down in December and took a job this week as an insurance industry lobbyist.

‘His Insurance Commissioner does NOTHING, while Florida’s lives are ruined,’ Trump wrote. ‘This is the worst Insurance Scam in the entire Country!’

This is a sad state of affairs. Whatever may be said about Donald Trump, he has been a business owner and knows how difficult it is to get insurance companies to Pay Up! Unlike Florida’s political leadership, Donald Trump publicly stood up to the insurance industry, as I noted in Breaking News—President Trump Demands Insurance Companies to Pay Up! Business Interruption Coverage.

It is sad because Florida’s political leaders are in a fantasy land of supporting propaganda of the insurance industry lobby and passing legislation harming their constituents. Trump is calling them out for it. 

On this significant issue regarding insurance, Trump deserves to be applauded because he is looking out for businesses and common folks. Unfortunately, the rest of the Florida Republican legislators seem to have sold out to the insurance lobbyists or have no courage to stand up to Ron DeSantis’ political power, which is supported by the insurance lobby’s money. 

Thought For A Thursday Evening 

Love him or hate him, no one has been able to figure out Donald Trump.

—Ronald Kessler