On Good Friday, it seems only fitting to think about justice and actions by those in power. I sent the following letter to my Congressional Representative, Kathy Castor, pleading for her to do something about the impending National Flood proof of loss deadline:


Governor Christie asked FEMA for an extension for Superstorm Sandy proofs of loss. Nothing has come from the administration. The current deadline is April 28, 2014. Governor Christie asked for another six month extension.

It really reflects poorly on those with Executive power not to provide extensions to arbitrary deadlines. People will be denied their insurance benefits otherwise due merely because they failed to file a Federal form.

I urge you to make the Administration aware of this issue. I could see some politicians not caring about those in need and denying the request. But, it is a capricious act that I would normally not associate with the Obama administration and Democrats in control.

The request does not ask for more money and it is not a handout. It is a request to simply extend the time to file forms so people get the insurance monies they purchased through the National Flood Program. Even stingy insurance companies typically grant these extensions when asked by a homeowner. Here, the Governor of New Jersey asked for it and a lot of consumer groups have as well.

This could easily happen in Florida someday. We do not need this precedent to come back and hurt those in Florida.

Please contact FEMA and the President about this issue and urge them to grant the extension. I am working many Superstorm Sandy claims and many have not even started to rebuild because of the high cost of raising structures. Most people do not know that the national flood insurance program excludes many types of property. The lowest level of the structure is substantially excluded from coverage. Thus, people are underinsured. Then add in the extra costs to rebuild back to code and most people of modest means are upside down even though they bought full

Given this situation, I hope you can convince this administration to a simple act–extend the deadline to submit the proofs of loss for benefits.

I urge others to make the same plea to their Representatives in Congress.

Have a happy holiday weekend.