Vince Perri of Elite Resolutions is a public adjuster. We met at the Win The Storm Conference this morning. He hosts a YouTube educational channel called the Commercial Claims Show.

Perri explained that it is an educational video series which targets less experienced public adjusters. While he has plans to make a series for more experienced public adjusters, all educational instruction for public adjusters is important. There is not enough of it and those giving such instructions are to be congratulated.

Today, I had public adjusters tell me how much they learned at the educational conference offered by Dave Skipton and Jack Hanks last week. Public adjusters from Montana, who were previously experienced independent adjusters, told me this morning that they went to a Cal Spoon public adjuster seminar and loved it.

To all the educators of public adjusters—-Cheers! Keep up the good work and raise the professionalism and knowledge of those helping policyholders.

Thought For The Day

You are always a student, never a master. You have to keep moving forward.
—Conrad Hall

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