Along with many of my Merlin Law Group colleagues, I will be attending the Windstorm Insurance Conference at the Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans January 19-22, 2015. If you are an avid reader of this blog, you likely already know that the annual Windstorm Insurance (WIND) Conference provides a forum for review and discussion of windstorm and related property insurance issues. It is billed as the only conference of its kind focusing solely on windstorm claim issues and is geared to many different levels and professions in the property damage insurance industry.

What The Hail Is Going On?

As with every WIND Conference, this year’s program is packed with Educational Sessions. Although there are almost three dozen offerings to choose from, with amazing presenters for each one, I would encourage you to consider attending one session in particular.

Together with Clay Morrison (Morrison & Morrison, Inc.) and Jonathon Held (J.S. Held, Inc.), I am on a panel with Steve Badger (Zelle Hoffman Voelbel & Mason, LLP) to help continue Steve’s popular program entitled “What The Hail Is Going On?”

More than just a great title (although it is that, too!), our sessions will address many issues important to our industry that come up regularly in hail claims. With the number of hail claims growing significantly in recent years, we intend to present valuable information from four unique perspectives – building consultant, public adjuster insurance company attorney and policyholder attorney – so that all attendees will gain important information to assist them when working through these claims.

Along with other ideas that may come up during audience participation, we will try to cover the topics you would expect during a hail presentation: identifying physical loss or damage from hail, determining date of loss, concurrent causation issues, recent case law, and additional points of current interest.

What Does This Mean For Me?

A zealous advocate and knowledgeable speaker, Steve will no doubt continue to show his passion for these subjects during the presentations. Be assured, the rest of us are putting in the effort to make sure we keep up! Even if you can’t make it to one of our presentations on Tuesday, it is not too late to make plans and come to WIND Conference 2015 for valuable networking and learning that can only help everyone in the industry.

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