Colorado Springs was hit by epic hail storms this past July. Reports noted tennis ball size hail and citizens shoveling away hail as if it were a snowstorm. A massive number of hail storm insurance claims resulted. As sure as the sun rises, disputes about how much is covered and the amount owed under the policy are now topics of heated debate.

We are hosting a seminar next Thursday in Denver regarding the most important issues of these claims. I will provide tips to help policyholders ensure that they are getting the best representation from, and claim presentation by, public adjusters. We have found that new insurance policy forms have often changed the method of damage evaluation and even duties after loss. Sometimes, public adjusters as well as insureds are required to be examined under oath and elements of how to prepare for and provide testimony to insurance company attorneys will be analyzed.

Reference materials specific to Colorado hail claims are important and we will provide those to attendees. The meteorological science of the particular hail storm that hit Colorado Springs on July 28, 2016, will be discussed by experts. Techniques to demonstrate damage caused by wind and hail from the hailstorm will be shared. We will also show how the insurance company vendors and adjusters sometimes "miss" hailstorm damage and list each common objection to hailstorm payment with an analysis of those topics.

If you are a public adjuster working on these claims, I hope to see you in Denver next Thursday afternoon to learn how to better serve the insurance customer and make certain that policyholders are obtaining the full benefits promised by their insurance carriers.

You have to RSVP to attend, and you can click here to sign up online.