As Hurricane Irma has recently battered Florida, it makes sense to turn to that state on our review of claims handling guidelines.

Florida requires that insurance carriers provide all necessary claims forms, intructions and contact informaiton upon being notified of a claim.1 They must acknowledge and act upon comminications with respect to claims within 14 calendar days.2 They must begin their investigation within 10 working days of reciept of proof of loss statements.3 Upon request, they must provide a written statement confirming that the claim is being investigated.4 They must affirm or deny coverage within 30 days after receiving a proof of loss.5 A carrier must respond to all inquiries from the Office of Insurance Regulation within three weeks of their reciept of the inquiry.6

Additionally, Florida insurers must provide first-party claimants with notice of their right to participate in mediation to resolve their claims.7 Upon a request for mediation from the insured, the insurer must timely select a qualified mediator and proceed with the mediation.8

I hope this blog is helpful to those dealing with the damages caused by Hurricane Irma.
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