Save your money. Go to where you can get the best education for the buck. Detroit is where the appraisal action will be next week when the Insurance Appraisal and Umpire Association (IAUA) holds its teaching and certification conference. 

This is a very balanced organization where Steve Badger and other prominent leaders in the insurance industry have taught with me, and we’ve even debated our differing views about the appraisal process. I always feel lucky to be invited to an IAUA event and typically learn a lot from Bob Norton and others from the insurance industry about what they think is “fair” regarding appraisals.

The bottom line is that if you are from Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, Ohio, and New York—you miss out if you cannot attend. Want a guarantee that you cannot refuse?

Chip Merlin will pay for your price of admission if you did not 100% feel that you got your money’s worth. No questions asked. 

The truth is that last Wednesday night, an owner of an adjusting group from Louisiana said that Bob Norton, on behalf of the IAUA, had the best and most informative seminar regarding appraisal he ever heard. He flew his staff from Louisiana to Southern California to attend the IAUA conference.  

I am not on the IAUA Board of Directors. I get no money to teach. Indeed, I am on the Windstorm Insurance Network Board of Directors and suggest that readers are crazy not to get Windstorm’s certification as an appraiser or umpire from that organization. I think the Windstorm Certification means more.      

But I am willing to put my money behind my mouth. How many policyholder attorneys, or any attorneys for that matter, ever do that? Crickets?  

Bob Norton and the IAUA have not promised me anything to say any of this. Certainly, not to give the guarantee. That is coming from my mouth because I will deliver on just my presentation.

Indeed, Norton is probably “upset” about my perception of his organization compared to the Windstorm Insurance Network’s Certification Program. Too bad. The readers of my blog want my honest opinion—right or wrong. You know where I stand. Go to both of them if you want to be among the best appraisers and umpires!

I wish policyholder lawyers had such a certification program with peer reviews to help policyholders better select their attorneys. It would help stop scammers and pretenders rather than contenders needed to take on the capable insurance industry attorneys.    

One last bonus—if you are coming to Detroit because you believe in me and what I wrote in this blog, please call Joe Smiles at (281) 851-6721 for something very special.

Here is the link to register.

Thought For The Day  

Education is the key to success in life, and teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of their students.

—Solomon Ortiz