Insurance claims education is important for everybody in the property insurance claims business. Insurance restoration contractors, independent, company and public adjusters, as well as insurance defense and policyholder attorneys should be constantly learning so we can serve the public trust and make the insurance claim business work to fulfill the public’s expectation. “Insurance serves the public trust” is a statement of law found in most states, including Louisiana.

Here are the 21 unanswered questions from a Hurricane Laura webinar on Wednesday night I will go over today on Friday @2 With Chip Merlin:

  1. Does a Florida apprentice have to register something in Louisiana, or are they not able to work?
  2. L.R.S. 22:1706 implies we can ” agree to a settlement” a claim- how can we settle a claim without negotiating?
  3. Can our contract say that we will assist in settling a claim instead of negotiating?
  4. Are you allowed to make recommendations for things like ale and contents?
  5. Are there laws like the 25% law we have in Florida for roofing?
  6. Are contractors allowed to have AOB contracts?
  7. What exactly can a public adjuster do in LA that a general contractor couldn’t do?
  8. If the claim is stalled due to a coverage dispute or some policy issue, then it should go to counsel. So, a general contractor could basically do what we do in Louisiana?
  9. Are the insurance adjusters working for the carriers acting as attorneys when they negotiate on insurance company’s behalf?
  10. Any limitations on advertisement for public adjusters?
  11. Can a DBA be the bonded entity?
  12. Is it true that if the POL is unanswered after 60 days it results in treble damages?
  13. Can you work on a retainer?
  14. Can I charge a flat rate up to a certain number of hours, then by the hour for overage?
  15. Can I charge a salary based on level of severity of damage?
  16. Can a public adjuster in a firm refer a file to an appraiser within the same firm?
  17. So, what can we do as a public adjuster?
  18. But because we can’t negotiate, a proposal is a proposal….NO estimate to negotiate?
  19. What are the laws for appraisal like in Louisiana?
  20. Can you be a little more specific about what constitutes negotiating?
  21. Any substantial damages reported in Texas? Is Texas anywhere near as strict as Louisiana?

Afternoon Thought of the Day

There are three kinds of men. The one that learns by reading. The few who learn by observation. The rest of them have to pee on the electric fence for themselves.
—Will Rogers