California is a beautiful state. Unfortunately, it is plagued with many natural disasters. As a result, property insurance is an important and often used product.

We made a decision two years ago to open an office in California. Corey Harris and I passed the California Bar Examination last summer and were granted admittance this spring. Two more Merlin Law Group attorneys are taking the exam next week.

After a search, we were pleased to hire Denise Sze to start and head our efforts representing Californians with insurance coverage disputes. In a press release announcing the opening of our Los Angeles office, Denise noted:

As a Californian, I know firsthand the pleasure of living here but also understand the potential perils for property owners,” said Ms. Sze. “I am so pleased to have the resources that being a part of Merlin Law Group offers and being able to put all of that together to represent policyholders in their claims against their insurance providers.

We are hosting a reception at the Beverly Hills Wilshire next Thursday evening, July 28, at 7 pm to celebrate the opening of Merlin Law Group’s Los Angeles office. We will make a donation to United Policyholders and will certainly have a grand time in setting more intimate than at some recent conferences. Call Kendra Kenney at (813) 229-1000 or Denise Zse at (310) 229-5961 to RSVP.