Today‘s 2 p.m. EST Livestream features two former insurance company adjusters turned “good guy” policyholder attorneys. Merlin Law Group attorneys Javier Delgado and Etienne Font worked as insurance adjusters in a prior life. Their practical understanding and appreciating what insurance companies and independent adjusters have to do to resolve claims helps in their practice today as policyholder legal advocates. They want to share some of that experience with you.

Javier and Etienne were recently involved in a large and hotly contested hurricane claim which was resolved during an arbitration hearing. Arbitration is not appraisal. Claims headed to arbitration versus appraisal should be handled in a slightly different manner. They will discuss many of those differences.

Did you know that earthquakes happen in Oklahoma? They were also involved in and worked with Merlin Law Group Oklahoma City-based attorney Drew Houghton on an earthquake case which resolved following mediation. Earthquake claims are unique and happen all over the United States. Understanding those nuances is the second major topic of their Tuesday at 2 presentation. Hope you can join us!

Here is a link for today’s livestream.