In Oh The Places You Will Go—Especially in the Insurance Claim Industry, I discussed how interesting it is to do the things we get to do in this insurance claim business. Wednesday was one of those days.

As the sun peaked up over the Atlantic Ocean, I flew from Monmouth Executive Airport in New Jersey to Albany, New York, to be sworn into the New York Bar. The flight took me over the Big Apple. What a city.

The New York Bar Association set up my final character interview and taking of an oath at a place called The Egg. Here is what The Egg looks like:

I was a little worried I might tip it over when I got into it. Luckily, I passed the character interview, was sworn in, and quickly departed before anything disastrous happened. 

There are few people my age getting sworn into the legal profession. There were some people there my age, but they had flowers to celebrate their children being sworn into the Bar. I just needed the ticket.

The flight back was just as glorious because the plane never went above 11,000 feet and the sky was blue and clear. We followed the Hudson River all the way past Manhattan. This was part of the view:

I raced to a Special Meeting of the Monmouth Joint Insurance Fund. There was some commotion because of arbitrary deadlines being set by the Fund to file Superstorm Sandy flood insurance claims. In a rare instance, I spoke for less than a minute.

Then my co-counsel Larry Bathgate and I went off to the Waterworks in Philadelphia to speak with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. The Waterworks is a beautiful setting along the Schuylkill River in downtown Philadelphia:

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is an extraordinary person. Unlike many politicians that get too full of themselves after they win the local dog catcher office, he is a humble and even self-deprecating person. Yet, he neither ducked a question we asked nor was ignorant of the issue raised. New Jersey is lucky to have such an elected official. Here is a picture of Larry Bathgate, Chris Christie, and me at the Governor’s Mansion in Princeton, New Jersey, earlier this Spring:

I am having a blast as a policyholder lawyer. I get paid to do something I enjoy and there are a lot of really interesting people I get to meet and interact with everyday. I get to see wonderful sights along the way and travel to places I could only dream of going when I was a kid.

The insurance claims business is not easy if you want to do it wherever the new biggest disaster has taken place. But it certainly takes you to some fascinating places meeting some amazing people.

I am blessed.

And still, as was said in my favorite movie, "there is no place like home."

Have a great weekend.