After watching my video, many may think those who fortunately purchased hurricane flood coverage will be paid promptly and for the full amount. Please read our prior posts about what has happened in the past with National Flood Adjustments:

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While we appreciate that the proof of loss deadline has been extended for one year as requested by many and noted in yesterday’s post, Hurricane Harvey Flood Insurance Proofs of Loss Deadline Extended One Year, FEMA officials can demand that flood claims managers and flood insurance defense counsel do not make a killing in profits from nitpicking and hardball litigation tactics just to enrich their pockets as occurred in Superstorm Sandy. Flood insurance claims used to be rarely litigated. This changed in Superstorm Sandy with new claims management systems and more hardline discussions by National Flood adjusters. Flood adjusters should be courageous in telling and explaining about flood damage—even if their managers and others want them to soften such discussions to lower claims payments.

Thought For The Day

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  • shirley heflin

    Dear Chip:

    That was a great interview!! When asked if it could conclude on a positive note, you mentioned the grit Texans have and that they’re all helping each other out. I’ve seen TX citizens on TV donating food, paper towels, toiletries, etc., at warp speed to help their fellow citizens. Then you mention FEMA demanding that “defense counsel not be allowed to engage in nitpicking and hardball litigation tactics for the sake of profit.” Just imagining those activities occurring makes my stomach turn. Here you have people wading through dirty water and what’s left of their residence trying to gather at least a sacred memoir (wedding picture, birth pictures, diplomas, etc.) and the LAST THING on their minds is imagining defense attorneys making money from their suffering and losses!! Instead of worrying about defense attorneys making money and making policyholders file suit to get paid, FEMA Adjusters should focus (solely) on their job: PAY THESE CLAIMS AND END THE SUFFERING!!

    Tampa, FL