I wanted to remind all Hurricane Sandy victims that all National Flood Insurance Program proofs of loss are due by October 29, 2013. By FEMA directive, the time limit for filing a proof of loss was extended to one year from the date of loss.

If you are going it alone, the flood proof of loss form can be downloaded by clicking here. The form is straightforward, but an insurance claims professional, such as a public adjuster or experienced policyholder attorney, can make certain you are following all proper protocols and not shortchanging yourself on your claim.

I came across an interesting article explaining the undisclosed costs of Sandy. Shore towns rely heavily on the income produced by their beaches, and according to a survey, sales of beach tags are down by at least $4 million across Monmouth and Ocean county beaches.

  • John Kane

    Do homeowners who accepted the adjusters findings and received all insurance proceeds still have to file a Proof Of Loss? I thought FEMA also declared the adjusters report could serve as the proof of loss if there is no dispute and it was accepted by the homeowner. Will insurance companies be able to seek to recoup money already paid- and spent if the homeowner doesn’t file a proof of
    Loss within the next 2 months? Thanks.

  • Leora H. Chase

    Good thing there is a two month warning for all those people who want to make a claim. It’s good that it’s actually extended. I have read before that some people were not able to make a successful claim.

  • Brian Sullivan

    Does this 2 month warning apply to ICC claims as a result of Sandy? I am hearing conflicting info