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The Windstorm Conference: A Claims and Insurance Law Conference That Cannot Be Missed

Insurance defense attorney Janet Brown founded a valuable organization and conference for the windstorm insurance industry where ideas and lessons are shared every year. The 12th Annual Windstorm Insurance Conference will be held in Houston on January 24-27, 2011. For claims adjusters and those involved with hurricane or tornado losses, this is a "can’t miss" event.… Continue Reading

Texas Windstorm Insurance Network Symposium Set May 11 in Dallas

Texas is where "the game" is being played regarding insurance coverage disputes in 2010. The Windstorm Insurance Network will hold its second Texas Insurance Symposium on May 11, 2010, in Dallas, Texas, where many of the issues related to windstorm coverage will be discussed. Certainly, the coverage issues raised by Hurricane Ike litigation will be highlighted.… Continue Reading

The Hospitality Industry Has Significant Insurance Coverage Issues: Lessons Taught at the 2010 Hospitality Law Conference

I represented a Houston based hotel management company last spring regarding Hurricane Ike insurance claim disputes with eleven hotels they owned or managed in Texas. Some cases simply go right, and this one settled after two months. My client’s owners went out of their way to call to my attention that managers in the hospitality … Continue Reading

QBE Wins Again!!

Bill Berk called me yesterday regarding the upcoming Windstorm Conference next week. During our discussion, he mentioned that his partner, Evelyn Mercahant, won a trial for QBE against a condominium association represented by a very good trial attorney, Daniel Rosenbaum. The Association was seeking millions, but the jury awarded zero.… Continue Reading

The 2010 Windstorm Insurance Conference

If you are involved in hurricane claims in any manner, you need to register and go to the 2010 Windstorm Insurance Conference. It will be held from January 25 through 28, at the Hyatt Regency Riverfront in Jacksonville, Florida. It is the only Conference devoted soley to windstorm insurance issues.… Continue Reading

Umpire Certification for Property Insurance Appraisals and an Umpire Code of Ethics by The Windstorm Insurance Network

One of the more successful professional organizations that I have been involved with over the past decade is the Windstorm Network. Insurance defense attorney, Janet Brown, conceived the idea. It has an Umpire Program that provides classes for certification for the appraisal of property insurance disputes, an Umpire Directory, and a Code of Ethics, which has been approved … Continue Reading

Event Cancellation Insurance and the Michael Jackson Tour

Following up on yesterday’s post, What does a Property Insurance Coverage Policyholder Lawyer Think About the Day After a Def Leppard Concert?, there has been some debate in the insurance press regarding the 2009 Michael Jackson Tour. Phil Gusman has three articles in the National Underwriter Property & Casualty on the topic: Will Insurers Pay For … Continue Reading

Florida Appraisers, Umpires, and Public Adjusters Will be Impacted by Citizens Removal of the Appraisal Clause

I anticipate significant discussion and controversy regarding Citizens plan to remove the appraisal clause from its policies. Currently, many claims under Citizens policies go to appraisal because policyholders and Citizens disagree over the value of a loss. I suspect that many of these cases going to appraisal are those where policyholders hired public adjusters. Appraisals … Continue Reading

Five Points To Remember Regarding Electronic Discovery Of Insurance Disputes

(*Chip Merlin’s Note–Chris Haley of Trial Exhibits, Inc., was on a panel with John Garaffa, of Butler Pappas, and myself at the recent 2009 Windstorm Insurance Conference. Chris is a veteran Consultant and Expert Witness regarding Electronic Discovery. I asked him to provide a Guest Blog on this increasingly important aspect of insurance coverage and claims practice … Continue Reading

Fair And Balanced

Nobody calls my office telling me what a great job their adjuster has done to fairly maximize their recovery in a prompt manner. Why should they? Risk managers, property managers, insurance agents, attorneys, public adjusters and policyholders, generally call our firm because they need help with claim delay or a denial. Their stories usually have … Continue Reading

The 2009 Windstorm Insurance Conference

If you are involved in hurricane claims in any manner, you need to register and go to the Windstorm Insurance Conference. It will be held from January 25 through 28 in Orlando, Florida. The Windstorm Insurance Conference was founded nearly a decade ago by insurance defense attorney, Janet Brown. Her law firm biography does not do … Continue Reading