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Hail Damage In Colorado and Replacement Cost Insurance Policies

(Note: This Guest Blog is by Erin Kristofco, an attorney with Merlin Law Group in the Denver, Colorado, office). Home and business property owners who suffered hail damage during Colorado’s hail storms must determine whether their property insurance policy requires the insurer to replace not only the hail damaged surface, but also any substrate, insulation … Continue Reading

Ordinance or Law–An Additional Coverage Available Under Many Florida Residential Policies

Many residential insurance policies in Florida have additional coverage for “Ordinance or Law” or code upgrade coverage. I wanted to write about this additional coverage in the context of the Hurricane Law series because it is important to understand how this additional coverage kicks in during a typical residential hurricane claim. In South Florida, many … Continue Reading

Hurricane Law Tip – A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Following the passage of a hurricane or tropical storm, policyholders should photograph or video record hurricane-related damage to insured property as soon as possible. The more detail the better. Photographs of the condition of the roof system immediately after a hurricane can be particularly helpful in the insurance claim for damages. The photographs can capture … Continue Reading

The Science of Roof Damage Claims Caused by Wind

The inaugural First Party Claims Conference in Providence, Rhode Island, has been a success. Over 200 hundred registrants discussing various aspects of first party property insurance claims have made for a very educational adjusting and legal seminar. Since I have been involved in so many disputes involving damage to roofs following hurricanes and tornados, I … Continue Reading