The Round-up: The Texas Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (“TAPIA”) has lassoed and corralled a great group of speakers and events that you absolutely will not want to miss this fall in Fort Worth. If you register by August 31st, members will only have to “pony-up” $149 and non-member, first timers $195. If you don’t have a bed roll or pup-tent to pitch, early registration is already open at Embassy Suites Downtown Fort Worth at 600 Commerce Street. You can save a nickel at Embassy Suites if you register by September 16th and mention “TAPIA” to get a TAPIA rate. Register either on line or call (817) 332-6900.

The Trail Ride: The theme of this fall’s conference is “FIRE” but first out of the shoot on Wednesday morning is Rene Sigman, Merlin Law Group’s regional litigation manager out of Houston who will speak on Ethical Public Adjusting which is a foundational consideration that touches all public adjusting topics and issues. Following Ms. Sigman, speakers will present not only an introduction to fire investigation, but also explain the best practices for identifying, assessing, and documenting fire losses in both commercial and residential settings. Common fire coverage provisions in insurance policies will be explored as well as new innovations in fire retardant materials and technological issues such as artificial intelligence and 3D Documentation. These are just some of the fantastic and unique topics that will be presented at TAPIA’s Fall Conference.

Saddle up: If you are a TAPIA member, get your boots, chaps, and cowboy hats out and sign up during early registration for the conference (by August 31st) and reserve your room (by September 16th) at the Embassy Suites Downtown Fort Worth for the 2019 TAPIA Fall Conference. If you are not a TAPIA member, it’s a great time to join and enjoy the conference and networking opportunities. If you want to join TAPIA or register on line for the conference, it’s just a click away, visit Happy trails.