Answer: Stupid ducks did not fly South for Winter and Chip Merlin flew from Kansas City to New Jersey on Monday night.

What can those in the claims industry learn from this?

1. It gets cold in many parts of the Country during the Winter.

2. Many forget it gets cold and fail to take that into consideration when adjusting claims.

3. Restoration slows almost to a halt when it gets bitterly cold.

4. Periods of restoration extend during winter weather.

5. Many aspects of restoration, primarily roof repair, should not be undertaken in the Winter.

6. Snow and ice delay everything and increase all costs following loss. Estimates and Critical Paths of loss should rise and lengthen anticipating winter.

7. Those from different venues should try to put themselves in the shoes of those living through catastrophes, thinking about what it will be like months after a disaster.

8. Some ducks and attorneys get stuck in precarious situations because they do not pay attention to what is going on around them. So, don’t stick with dumb ducks before it is too late for you as well. And even the smartest attorneys go in the wrong direction occasionally; they need to remain humble and listen to where others, especially smart young associate attorneys and clients, suggest they go.

Positive Thought for the Day:

Other people matter. But few of them are mind readers. Let them know that they matter. They may benefit. And you certainly will.

— Professor Christopher Peterson, “Pursuing the Good Life

And if you are stuck in the Northeast on a Snow Day, here is a classic Rolling Stones song about “cold” that may warm you up: