The 2013 Windstorm Insurance Conference® was a success. Merlin Law Group had a number of attorneys speak at the Conference–including yours truly.

My subject matter was the Gulf Coast Case Law Update. Sounds boring? Not when I am making the presentation because it was a question and answer forum with lots of practical and honest discussion.

If you missed it and you think you are a property insurance coverage guru (pretty nerdy if you are), here is the PowerPoint of the presentation so you can see how you would do:

The Windstorm Insurance Conference is a fun forum to learn and offers significant networking opportunities. While most of the membership is insurance industry representatives, there are policyholder advocates. Here are some of my favorites at the Board of Directors dinner:

(Clockwise from top left–Randy Paul, Matt Danahy, Rick Tutwiler, Chip Merlin, Dick Tutwiler)