Last week I wrote a post: That Check from Your Insurer Might Just be the Insurance Company’s First Offer. I was unnerved at the language I heard at the Roundtable meeting about the insurance company’s sending over “first offers” and not hearing any rebuttal from their insured regarding the Matthew claims. I am most upset because the policy of insurance doesn’t say ‘after a loss we will pay you our first offer and let you negotiate with us.’ But that is what happens all too often.

At the Hurricane Matthew meeting with Florida CFO Jeff Atwater in St. Augustine, insurance company representatives explained to the CFO and Commissioner about the offers. You can watch this recorded meeting on the Florida Channel, and you can read our recap post here.

About a year ago, I posted a video that I hoped would inspire policyholders to make sure their property claims are being paid in full and to know that sometimes the insurance company has its eyes and ears closed when it is handling your claim.

Here is my video post: