Hurricane prognostication is akin to reading tea leaves and palms to determine one’s future. But, what is it about human nature that we seem to love this crazy guessing over the weather?

A picture is worth a thousand words; so, here is one model predicting that the Gulf Coast is in the path of historic hurricane destruction for 2016:

The graph was part of the lead article, It’s Official – Biggest Nino Ever – Killer La Nina to Follow, found at The conclusion:

What will the coming La Nina bring us? If history is the gauge, then we should be preparing for a record hurricane season in the summer/fall of 2016, and a return to the crushing droughts in the Pacific West.

Insurance executives hate really bad weather because profits drop. Insurance adjusters, on the other hand, look at bad weather as job security. Before my adjuster friends get too excited about the aforementioned model, I would suggest you read the following posts and think about how hurricane predictions have panned out over the last decade:

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And the most accurate prediction over the past decade from a self-proclaimed psychic:

Psychic Predicts No Hurricanes on Florida’s Treasure Coast

If any you know of any models that you can guarantee will work to predict the stock market over the next six months, my cell number is 813-695-8733.

Positive Thought For The Day:

"Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.”
          ― Mother Teresa