The insurance industry does not want stories that portray it as uncaring, slow, and denying claims.  Publicists, media consultants, marketing experts, and even advertising gurus with anthropology degrees use the industry’s massive money to re-write history, provide statistics and whatever that can be used to portray insurers as truly caring about their customers. 

In fact, I know claims adjusters at the field and executive levels who do everything in their power to put the customer first, even at the risk of losing their jobs because others in the corporate insurance structure put profits over customers at the time of performance–when the loss occurs.  We have all kinds of clients; from wealthy corporations, family businesses, wealthy investment bankers with luxury home losses, to the modest unsophisticated homeowners.  Our services are in high demand for one reason–the insurance industry promises a lot but pays as little as possible. 

Newer policy forms are crafted to pay less than what they did 25 years ago when I started in this business.  The adjusters have less experience and are tracked on performance.  Computers quickly reveal which adjusters pay more rather than less.  With notable exceptions, most of the insurance industry is concerned about getting as much premium dollar as possible, advertising that they have cheaper rates, and then paying "not a penny more" than is owed.  Accordingly the following comment sent in by a Hurricane Ike policyholder should come as no surprise: 

My home has extensive flood/wind/broken pipe damage from Ike. I am not able to live in my home. To this date, the State Farm adjuster has used every stall tactic known and has still not been to my property. I have received the excuses of having multiple addresses for the claim, or the "I drove by your house" that seems to be the coached reply from State Farm adjusters as a delay tactic, as others have received the same response. Sunday, I finally received a date the adjuster would show, and after waiting all afternoon, she did not show.  I have not received another response.  What kind of service is this?  People are without homes, not receiving any payment from insurance, or FEMA for living expenses, or anything else. The adjusters are unreliable, and have no respect for the lives that have been devastated and are depending on them for the help needed to survive.  It has been over a month!!  It seems most of these cases will need legal assistance for resolution.  Thanks alot State Farm!!!