I received the United Policyholders newsletter today. It is full of valuable information to policyholders with a variety of different concerns. While many individuals are concerned about hurricanes, the newsletter covers a myriad of topics. For example, the current newsletter highlights issues involving wildfires.

The newsletter also links to even more information on the United Policyholder website, such as Claim Tips:

“United Policyholders’ Claim Tips simplify the insurance claim process and offer practical suggestions for getting the insurance protection you paid for. Our tips are based on our organization’s many years of hands-on experience. They include information from the nation’s leading policyholder-oriented insurance professionals, including former industry insiders, agents and brokers, attorneys, consumer advocates and public adjusters. Our goal is to help policyholders understand the process and get fair claim settlements. We offer these tips as a public service.”

I met with United Policyholders Executive Director, Amy Bach, in California two weeks ago. She has done a wonderful job incorporating new projects and raising awareness of insurance concerns from the consumer’s standpoint. She is always looking for help from those with an interest and knowledge in the issues facing policyholders. She needs expertise from those individuals to participate in dialogue with Departments of Insurance and in front of legislative bodies. If you have such knowledge or interest, I strongly urge you to contact her. Attorneys can always participate in the pro bono amicus project. And, everybody should consider financial support for such an important organization.