Last Friday, the Houston Chronicle reported that Texas Governor Rick Perry has added the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA) to the agenda of concerns to be addressed at the special legislative session. 

Legislation that would have affected TWIA and the consumer protections available to its customers died during the regular session. The Chronicle also reported that, when it comes to TWIA, consumer rights, and lawsuit reform, Texas lawmakers are divided by geography rather than traditional party lines:

While legislative rules make it easier for Gov. Rick Perry to pass his agenda in a special session with the help of fellow Republicans, he may not enjoy the advantage of normal political alliances in his bid to overhaul the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association.

While Republicans generally side with advocates of lawsuit reform – an important element in the TWIA legislation – key Republican senators on the Gulf Coast say they will view the issue through the prism of their district’s geography and stand up for the right of their constituents to demand fair treatment from the insurance cooperative.

Every Texan susceptible to hurricane loss has a vested interest in this special session, and I urge all to exercise their rights as constituents.