Rene Sigman is co-chairing an important Hurricane Harvey seminar today discussing all the Hurricane Harvey issues. Yours truly is on a panel discussing how Hurricane Harvey differs from other hurricane litigation, but there is one similarity even worse. . .TWIA is again on the warpath against its own customers.

A blockbuster news story, Hurricane Harvey Victims Complain About Insurance Companies In Wake of Storm, highlights how the Texas Windstorm Association managers must feel about the “green light” Texas legislatures gave them to lowball, underpay and deprive their own customers from fair claims treatment.

Watch the video and you decide for yourself.

So, if the Texas legislators passed a law saying that people that stole money from you were immune from lawsuits preventing you to get your money back quickly and holding the thieves accountable for their theft, what do you think thieves would do?

BINGO!! Thieves would send champagne to the Texas legislators and steal more money from you! That is exactly what we are hearing is going on with TWIA in the coastal areas of Texas and as reported by this story. I am certain that lobbyists for the insurance industry sent money and champagne to those Texas legislators voting for this horrible law and Texas voters should remember it next year.

The most idiotic TWIA claims practice was how it treated all Bolivar “slabbed” policyholders the same as I noted in Slabbers Finally Learn How They All Have Exactly 11.2% Damage. Merlin Law Group attorney Rene Sigman destroyed TWIA’s logic and the credibility of its expert, as I predicted in TWIA Texas Slab Depositions Get Started Today.

Hopefully, these TWIA wrongs will be righted with a change of heart and much more enlightened legislation by Texas legislators in the next session.

Thought For The Day From One Of My Most Beloved Yankees

“Deja Vu All Over Again”
―Yogi Berra