An article in the Austin American Statesman, Late surprise: Windstorm insurance passes, provides insight regarding the ethics of some in the Texas legislature. Most would agree that laws and rules are to be followed, but maybe that does not apply to the Texas Senate:

“By Senate rules the vote was to have occurred before midnight Wednesday, but a Senate sergeant at arms unplugged the clock at the back of the Senate just before midnight.

By a 27-4 vote, senators voted to amend House Bill 4409 to include the provisions of Senate Bill 14, that was passed in April to address the looming crisis in the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association.

“This is our last hope to be able to work on this issue,” said state Sen. Mike Jackson, R-LaPorte, the Senate sponsor of the House legislation.

For nearly a half hour, during the debate on the issue, the Senate clock read 11:58.”

Our understanding is that the anti-consumer language is not included, but the version on the Web site has the bad language and struck the consumer protections. It is buried at page 47 of 84 of the pdf version.  We will keep those in Texas posted on the bill.