The Houston Chronicle ran an article by Purva Patel today, See what blew in with Ike: a battle, which explains the lifted shingle issue at the heart of numerous Hurricane Ike Claims. It is not clear at this time how Texas Insurance Commissioner Mike Geeslin will resolve the issue, but consumer advocates hope Geeslin will prove to take a stand for his constituents, as did his counterpart in Florida, Kevin McCarty.

I discussed the lifted shingle issue earlier this year in my posts, Internal Texas Windstorm Roofing Claims Memo Explains Damage is Not Covered, The TWIA Roof Damage Memo: Checking Basic References to Resolve Adjustment Questions, and Roof Repair Methods Prove TWIA is Wrongly Denying Roof Claims.

The Merlin Law Group will host a seminar in Houston, Texas, for public insurance adjusters this Friday, September 11th, Hurricane Ike – What a Difference a Year Makes? The lifted roof shingle issue will be one topic of discussion as well as a special analysis regarding TWIA practices. I look forward to seeing you there.