As reported in Wind® Regional Symposium in Atlanta May 10, 2011, the Windstorm Insurance Network® is sponsoring a Regional Symposium in Georgia regarding windstorm claims,  Given the recent tornados and severe windstorm destruction, this conference is extraordinarily timely for adjusters who are addressing these issues.

The National Underwriter reported the following in "Deadly Southeast Storms Cause $50M Of Insured Loss In Georgia:"

Georgia Insurance Commissioner Ralph T. Hudgens says deadly storms that struck the state this week have caused insured losses of about $50 million.

The commissioner toured Jonesboro, Ga., yesterday to inspect damaged areas. The estimate includes damage to vehicles, homes and business, he says.

State Farm spokesman Justin Tomczak says strong straight-line winds and some hail throughout the state have generated more than 1,800 claims.

“There is no one central affected area,” Tomczak says. “The damage is scattered everywhere.” Claims have also been filed due to fire started by lightning strikes, Tomczak reports.

The National Weather Service (NWS) says the storm system produced strong, gusty winds, heavy rain, pea- to baseball-sized hail and one tornado. Georgia was not the only state affected, as damage reports have come from states throughout the Southeast.

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