Ferocious hurricanes most often strike the United States in late August and September. Tropical waves and weather disturbances are commonplace this time of the year. Each could potentially become dangerous and threaten the United States. People should check their hurricane preparedness plans for last minute preparation. The way I look at the weather map, there could be hurricanes on the way in the next eight days, if not sooner.

There are currently three tropical weather patterns that pose concern. The largest is in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, and some trajectories suggest it could land in Florida next week.

I suggest that readers take the time to read Preparation for the Hurricane Season Includes Insurance and Risk Reviews and pass it on to their friends. While I indicated in Chip, Where Are the Hurricanes Going to Hit?, that it is difficult to predict where these monsters will land, the odds seem to favor a major strike this year.

Take precautions and be safe.