On May 3, 2012, homeowner Lou Lambro woke to discover this one hundred feet wide and fifty feet deep sinkhole forming in his yard.

According to local news outlets, Mr. Lambro had sinkhole insurance and his property has been labeled as a total loss. The entire nation followed this story, reminding policyholders of the importance of sinkhole coverage. Florida has a great propensity for sinkhole activity, so it is imperative that policyholders verify that they have the necessary coverage.

Take a look at this clip to see the full story: 


It is important to remember to vacate your home immediately if you encounter a sinkhole similar to the one Lou Lambro discovered in his back yard. It is truly remarkable how fortunate Mr. Lambro and his family are. Sinkholes can cause catastrophic ground collapse in just seconds, leaving no time to flee to safety.

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