I received an email from a right wing group that has ties to the insurance industry. It is a call to lobby Governor Crist to support State Farm’s bailout legislation. Every consumer group I know of has called the bailout another giveaway to the insurance industry at our expense. But the insurance propagandists are still pushing their illogical arguments.

Here is the email:

Dear William,

The Florida Legislature has done its part. HB 1171 has passed the House and Senate that will take positive steps towards addressing Florida’s current insurance nightmare by allowing more private companies to compete with the state-run Citizens Property Insurance Corporation and giving Florida consumers actual choice in the insurance marketplace, but only if the Governor allows it to become law.


This important legislation now rests on Governor Charlie Crist’s desk. If he signs it or does nothing in the next 15 days it will become law automatically. If he proactively vetoes it however, it’s back to the drawing board for lawmakers to fix the Sunshine State’s insurance system. Meanwhile, hurricane season will be getting into full-swing as fragile Citizens Insurance teeters on the brink of disaster.

Citizens currently holds 1 out of 5 homeowner policies in the state and is badly overexposed. In addition, the Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund faces shortfalls of more than $18 billion should a major storm hit. Today’s system created this environment by restricting choices Florida consumers had over insurance providers. HB 1171 can open the door to competition and begin repairing the state’s broken insurance market, but only if Governor Crist allows it.

As a Florida FreedomWorks member, you’ve been fighting hard and lobbying legislators to pass pro-growth, free-market insurance reform that will help all Floridians. Don’t let your hard work go for nothing.

Contact Governor Crist by clicking here and deliver an urgent message not to stand in the way of meaningful insurance reform in Florida.


Dick Armey