Have you noticed that some seminars have just a few speakers and they are not in the middle of the issues, but pretenders? Harris Martin Publishers asked me to co-chair a Hurricane Maria and Hurricane Irma seminar and if you are an insurance attorney, public adjuster, insurance claims manager or governmental counsel with FEMA claims, you cannot miss this seminar on November 14, in Miami Beach. If you will just show up, you will learn more and get a better appreciation of the issues facing those of us with insurance claims in Florida, Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands than any other seminar. Readers of this blog know that I am in the middle of these huge insurance controversies and know where the battles are going to be.

Every hurricane has its own physical characteristics that drive unique insurance issues. So, we have engineers and scientists at this seminar teaching about the storms, the new methods determining how attorneys and adjusters have to prove wind versus water damage and the Code issues that will highlight disputes about valuation, total loss and repair costs.

We have analysis on the new issues facing Florida insurance claims regarding AOBs and managed repair. You will learn how the recent change regarding Florida’s concurrent causation laws will significantly impact Hurricane Irma claims and not one seminar that I have seen has addressed this issue because pretenders do not know how huge an issue it is. Concurrent causation is one of the newest major Florida insurance claim issues because of recent Florida case law, and the attorney at our seminar discussing it was involved in the underlying case.

Class action lawsuits are much more common than in the past. Will we see a multi-district litigation on common issue cases and what is the law on class cases in Florida, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands? We have experienced attorneys involved with billion-dollar settlement cases telling you if you should file and how you may defend these cases and the issues arising from them.

Most seminars have a few “want to be” attorneys trying to promote themselves, while this seminar has experts that have been there, done that, and will be battling these issues in three very different venues for the next three to four years.

Here is the sign up and looking forward to seeing you there. If you are a serious player in the Irma or Maria insurance claim business, you cannot miss this.